Dynamic & innovative engineering solutions for Safety Critical Systems

About Us

Ebeni is a dynamic company focused on delivering high quality, innovative, value for money, specialist engineering services, to operators, suppliers and regulators of high integrity, safety critical systems.

Our core business focuses on vital, complex, critical, or software-intense systems, and includes the assessment and assurance of safety and mission critical operations, applications and products. We also provide regulatory and airworthiness support, programme, project and risk management services, and have access to an extensive multi-disciplinary team of Subject Matter Experts. Our team delivers cost effective solutions for major blue chip companies and organisations such as the UK Ministry of Defence, NATS and Network Rail.

Our Values

Ebeni is an engineering consultancy founded in 2004; everything we do is underpinned and inspired by our core values which are reflected in our name. Our values are key to how we work with our clients and partners.

Excellence – we set ourselves high standards in the technical quality demanded to remain at the leading edge of our profession. We engender a professional and considered approach in all our business activities, with respect and care for those we work with.

Benefit – we want all those who come into contact with Ebeni to benefit in some way.

  • Customers see value for money in a job well done, and look to forge excellent and lasting relationships
  • Staff develop professionally and personally, whilst feeling appreciated and valued for the contribution they make
  • Finally, we believe it is important for a company to give something back to society; our policy is to distribute a significant percentage of our profits each year to charitable causes

Integrity – all our endeavours will be honest and ethical with firm adherence to our professions’ code of conduct. We apply sound reasoning and honesty in the work we do and advice we give. We only undertake work we know we can deliver, and always aim to deliver on our commitments.