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Our People

We are a people-centric company which respects individual aspirations as well as promoting benefit to all parties: our customers, employees and society.

Our people are our most valuable asset. We take particular pride our reputation and recognise that this is built on the commitment and skills of those who represent Ebeni. It is our priority to treat people well, help them develop and give them a rewarding working life. Ebeni’s success depends on motivated, committed, trusted employees and associates, who feel they play a part in helping the business grow.

Founders / Directors

Jason Denness

Jason is a Chartered Engineer and Founding Director of Ebeni. He has 25 years’ experience within engineering consultancy spanning a variety of domains including Defence, Rail, Air Traffic Management, Nuclear and Medical.

His university training and early career was as a Software Engineer working on the development and assurance of complex safety critical systems. He then moved into project management and business development where he managed a business unit for one of Europe’s largest consultancy businesses.

Since starting Ebeni with the other founders Jason has focussed on leading Ebeni’s business development activities in order to deliver the Company’s strategic performance and growth targets whilst also line managing a number of Ebeni’s largest projects.

During his career, he has developed his skills in developing and implementing strategies, leading commercial and technical teams, building long term customer relationships through mutual benefit and delivering sustainable and ambitious growth and financial results. He is comfortable operating at all levels from detailed technical problem solving to board level strategic planning.

Outside of work Jason enjoys a variety of interests including all things automotive, photography, travel, Bath Rugby and over recent years a belated interest in fitness to counteract his enjoyment of good food.

Jason Denness

Jo Latham

Jo is a Founding Member and Director for Ebeni Limited combining technical consultancy skills with strategic business development, leadership and management. Possessing excellent organisational and communication skills, she believes in developing positive, long term, collaborative working relationships with clients who find her responsive, supportive and open to work with.

Jo is also a highly motivated and experienced safety engineer with over 18 years’ experience across the whole system safety lifecycle in a number of different industries. She has successfully led teams of safety engineers at all levels in both a project and technical management capacity, striving to deliver high quality, cost effective safety solutions to time and budget.

Jo’s passion is rowing, at which she has competed for England at elite level. She won the Gold medal at the National Championships (Women’s Lightweight Coxless Four) in 2000. Her other interests include sailing, running, cycling, fitness – basically anything that involves moving!

Alan Simpson

Alan is a Founding Member and Director for Ebeni Limited with responsibilities for technical, operational and financial oversight. With over 28 years of experience in Safety Critical systems engineering and regulation Alan possesses comprehensive knowledge and practical experience of modern safety standards in both Military and Civilian domains, and across multiple industries including Defence, ATM, Aviation and Rail. He has successfully managed several multi-million-pound safety programmes in the Rail, Aerospace and Defence industries.

Alan has also developed and brought to market several best practice methodologies in safety engineering and certification. From involvement in many multi-national research programmes in Aviation, ATM and Remotely Piloted Systems Alan is highly respected both within Ebeni and the wider safety critical engineering and operational communities.

Alan enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and has a real passion for property redevelopment. Alan’s other interests include hiking, high-intensity workouts and country wine making utilising produce from his orchard.

Alan Simpson

Ken Neal

Ken Neal

Ken is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer with over 30 years of experience in engineering consultancy spanning a variety of skillsets and domains including Nuclear, Rail, Automotive, Renewables, Conventional Power, Oil & Gas and Medical.

Ken has recently joined the Board of Directors in the role of Business Diversification Director with responsibility for taking Ebeni’s services into new markets to establish new clients and accounts to underpin Ebeni’s long-term growth aspirations.

His early career focused on Equipment Engineering in terms of technical specification and procurement of mechanical equipment for the design and construction of Sizewell B. He then progressed into project management and business development and has held senior management positions in several consultancies where he has spearheaded the development of new client relationships, people, promotion of services and an understanding of key client requirements to deliver sustainable long-term growth into new markets for the consultancies he’s worked in. His experience as part of several Senior Management Teams has encompassed Strategy Development, Operations, Sales and Marketing, Recruitment and Development of People.

Outside of work, Ken enjoys spending time with his family and has a passion for football where he has coached a boys football team as part of Winwick Athletic Football Club for 10 consecutive years and is an active fan of Norwich City who he enjoys watching with his son whenever he can. Other sports he enjoys and plays when he can are Golf and Tennis.

Meet some of our team

Stephen Bull

Stephen Bull

Stephen is a Principal Safety Engineer at Ebeni with 20 years’ experience of safety critical systems across avionics, rail and ATM domains. Working for Ebeni has given him a range of challenging opportunities to broaden and deepen his experience, within the supportive, friendly and committed Ebeni team.

Stephen has worked for a variety of clients, both at Ebeni’s offices and on client sites, helping write safety cases and undertake supporting analysis. There hasn’t been a dull moment since he joined in 2012.

When not working hard to grow the Rail Business Unit at Ebeni, Stephen supports local initiatives to engage children with science and gardening, and leads a Sunday school group at his local church; he also enjoys spending time with his wife and two school-age sons.

Matthew Pearson

Matt has a Mechanical Engineering background and has spent his entire career in rail, from narrow gauge to mainline, from mining to metros. He has worked with clients in the UK and overseas and has travelled to over 40 countries on business, giving him a broad set of Engineering and Commercial skills, and an extensive understanding of rail systems globally.

Matt has a detailed knowledge of the UK rail industry and is genuinely passionate about rail and supporting the UK rail industry, he is also keen to point out that whilst he has a healthy interest in rail he is not a train spotter!

He enjoys leading the rail team to new opportunities and the strategic side of the sales process, he has ambitious plans for the growth of the team and takes a pride in personally ensuring the work we deliver will delight our clients.

In his free time Matt likes to be with family and his dog, he also likes to indulge his passion for all things automotive and has two classic cars to tinker with. He has recently taken up cycling and hadn’t realised how expensive it can be, fellow cyclists will sympathise!

Matthew Pearson

Sindhura Vijay

Sindhura Vijay

Sindhura is one of the newest members to join the Ebeni team. She works within the ATM domain supporting the development of Equipment Safety Cases and Safety Assessments. As a Graduate fresh out of University and finding her feet in the real world, Ebeni has not only helped Sindhura with her professional development but also supported her personal development through the use of Mentors.

Sindhura liked how chilled out the people were at Ebeni during the interview process, and says working at Ebeni is “like working with a group of friends – there is a strong team-working ethic across the company which is reflected in the relaxed and friendly nature of the Ebeni office environment”. Sindhura is thoroughly enjoying working for Ebeni. When not plugging away at her desk, Sindhura enjoys cooking, baking and travelling – some say she should have her own show on the Food Network…

Richard Sharpe

Richard is a Senior Safety Engineer at Ebeni with over 10 years’ experience across the defence aviation, nuclear and air traffic management markets. Richard is a consistently reliable and committed engineer with the ability to rapidly adapt to new projects and domains. He has project management experience delivering quality outputs to time and budget, and has enjoyed the opportunity of developing his experience and working within the excellent team at Ebeni.

Richard was attracted to the opportunities available at Ebeni to work on a variety of projects, he enjoys developing his experience and working within the excellent team based in Corsham.

Outside of work, Richard enjoys spending time in the countryside and has a keen interest in many different sports. With a strong family connection to horseracing he may well have pursued an alternative career if the draw to work with high integrity systems hadn’t been so strong!

Richard Sharpe