Supporting Project Marshall

The core of extant equipment used to provide Military Terminal Air Traffic Management (ATM) services to UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) owned airfields and ranges is approaching obsolescence and will soon be non-compliant with current and emerging airspace Legislation, Regulation and Standards. The MOD requires a sustainable Military Terminal ATM capability that will enable air vehicles to operate safely and effectively with tactical freedom, in all weather conditions and in any environment.
Project Marshall is a £1.5billion MOD project awarded to AQUILA Air Traffic Management Services, a joint venture between NATS and Thales, who are tasked with its delivery. Over the course of 22 years, Project Marshall will transform and improve the performance of the current Military ATM capability through:
• The provision of new equipment and infrastructure to meet legislative requirements
• The consolidation of 80+ service contracts into 1 service contract.

To meet key Asset Delivery milestones, AQUILA required additional support to enhance its existing Safety Engineering Team.
In February 2015, Ebeni were invited by NATS to provide specialist expertise to directly support the safety engineering aspects for asset delivery within the AQUILA Asset Delivery Team (ADT).

Through the successful provision and integration of full-time safety engineering support, Ebeni has grown from a single individual in 2015 to a team of 6 safety personnel responsible for delivery of key safety assurance material in support of the MAA Release into Service Process (RiSP). Production of Equipment Installation and Transition Safety Assurance documentation has required in-depth specialist knowledge across a number of safety assessment areas, including:
• Hazard Identification and Analysis
• Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategies
• Safety Requirements derivation
• Safety Case construction across multiple lifecycle stages and development of Modular Safety Cases
• Goal Structuring Notation (GSN)
• Fault Tree and Failure Modes and Effects Analyses (FTA, FMEA)
• Software Assurance
• Audit of Equipment Supplier Safety Cases
• Assessment of COTS equipment.
Additional support to the ADT has been provided through a team of 3 Ebeni Associates delivering Programme Planning, Test & Verification, and Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Systems Engineering expertise.

Support to the AQUILA ADT has remained ongoing since February 2015 and Ebeni has been at the forefront of asset delivery and integration ON Project Marshall throughout that time. The team plays a key role in introducing improvements to the Marshall safety acceptance process and have been personally involved in the Authority Approval and Release into Service of a number of different ATM equipment types and systems.

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