Cyber Security

Due to the high level of confidentiality of the work carried out by our Cyber unit, we cannot name clients, nor share specific project details. We can, however, list some of the services we have provided, showing our wide range of experience in the following sectors:

Defence and Intelligence

Security Assurance Coordinator (SAC) Support

  • Delivering RMADS/Security Cases, Project Crypto Plans and Key Management Plans.
  • Supporting technical risk activities, including controls aligned with JSP 440.

Support to development and compliance with specialist policies and frameworks, including JSP 604 and NIST

Secure End-to-End Architecture support

  • Providing enterprise and security architecture
  • Incorporating system descriptions, data flows and interface solutions in accordance with IEC 42010:2011 and current Defence Digital Reference Architecture

Special Project Support – Delivering key skills across security architecture, business analysis and IT security specialist.

Critical National Infrastructure

National Strategy and Programme support

  • Strategic Consultant and Architecture to support enterprise-level business continuity and business change (ISO 22301:2019) and ensuring compliance with the NCSC CAF and DfT CCT policy.
  • Security risk assessment and management, identifying critical assets, control measures and supporting ongoing risk management across complex systems, bridging the gap between business systems and operational technologies aligned with ISO 27001 series.
  • Support to development and compliance with specialist policies including the DO-326/ED-202 aviation policy set.
  • Security business analysis supporting key infrastructure programmes with requirements, design options and solution recommendations.
  • Secure, safe and resilient architecture designs for SCADA systems across the UK following IEC 61850 and IEC 62443.
Defence and Intelligence

Compliance and Policy Development

  • IT security specialist support ensuring NIS D compliance for key national infrastructure programmes across complex systems and solutions.
  • Ensuring a holistic security and resilient strategic approach, supports key national objectives, regulations and legislation.
  • Continued participation in specialist focus groups addressing emergent issues and resolutions.