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Holistic cyber and digital services

Ebeni’s Cyber and Digital services enable our clients to take full advantage of the connected world and all the clear and tangible benefits it brings.

We are independent, recognised experts with a proven track record in Critical National Infrastructure, Government, Aerospace, Defence and Intelligence. We are trusted by large corporates, public sector organisations, regulators, new tech start-ups and small independents, to ensure they can take full advantage of advances in digitisation and inter-connection, without compromising security, negatively impacting their operating risk or breaching legislation and regulation. 

We give our clients exceptional value by providing truly holistic cyber and digital services that actively prevent stove-piping, which would otherwise lead to significant unplanned downstream risks, poor budgetary performance and reduced functionality.

Our clients take confidence from this holistic approach, knowing that we are not only proven experts in Strategic and P3M aspects (eg Change Management and Digital Transformation), but also specialists in both Security and Resilience, and Digital Systems Engineering and Information Communication Systems. Additionally, the Safety expertise of Ebeni as a whole means that, when required, we can extend our holistic approach to deliver fully integrated Safety, Security and Systems Engineering (S3) and all the benefits that it brings. 

See below for explanations of the three service areas.


We have helped multiple public and private sector clients realise tangible benefits from enterprise wide Digital Transformations – Business Change Programmes that deliver on-budget, as-planned capability and operational strategies, plans and policies. These services pragmatically balance the need to exploit new advances in technology with the imperative of uninterrupted business-as-usual.

Among our recent projects we ensured Network Rail, DfT and NCSC developed and operated the correct National Security and Resilience Strategy and Plan for all of the UK’s future rail infrastructure.

In Defence and Intelligence we are not only advising on critical aerospace, communications and intelligence capabilities, but our experts have also successfully rationalised and established the governance for the entire UK Defence portfolio of Services and Applications.


We help our clients to design, develop, integrate and operate the capabilities that meet their business needs. Our experts have both the SQEP and specific experience necessary to address their most complex technical issues. We always accurately tailor our teams to meet our clients’ specific requirements. For example, to provide rapid development of Safety Critical Software for air traffic management and a key train operator, we will provide a team of specialist software engineers.

For a major rail route or the development of the accurate End-to-End Architectural Picture for a critical military aircraft, we will assemble a team of multi-disciplined architects and engineers, comprising expertise in Enterprise, Systems (eg IEC 42010), Solutions and Operational Technologies (eg SCADA / IEC 61850), IoT, Cloud/Data).


Our security and resilience services span security (physical and cyber), resilience and business continuity. We are not only experts in standard Information Technology and Systems, but also Operational Technologies and Aerospace/Air Traffic Management Systems (DO-326/ED-202 aviation policy set). We work closely with our clients to ensure they meet regulations and legislation (including NIS D) and that their business and operational risks are identified, understood and managed.

Our Defence and Intelligence clients trust us to work in the highest risk areas and we are experts in developing RMADS/Security Cases, Crypto and Key Management Plans and supporting technical activities for NIST and JSP440 compliance. Our Critical National Infrastructure Clients trust us to provide secure, safe and resilient IT and OT (eg SCADA) systems across the UK, following IEC 61850, IEC 62443, ED-202 and ISO 27001

Regulators trust us to always deliver best practice, whether that’s compliance with the Network Rail’s SAF, the NCSC CAF or DfT CCT policy or ensuring enterprise-level aligned security and business continuity (ISO 22301) for initiatives.

Case Studies

Owing to the confidential nature of much of our work in this area, please contact us directly to obtain our case studies for Cyber and Digital Services.