Software Engineering

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Software Engineering

Software Engineering is a complex discipline that defines principles and demands of a systematic approach for activities across the full Software lifecycle, from planning to final validation and maintenance. It requires skills in several disciplines such as Requirements Management, Change Management, Assurance, Design and Architecture, etc.

As a discipline, Software Engineering has always played an important role in innovation and progress, and it has become even more key in this digitalisation era!

Ebeni offers more than 10 years of experience around Software Engineering and, more specifically, expertise in every phase of the development of safety critical software. Our experience in software extends to multiple industries including, but not limited to, Rail, Defence and Aerospace.

Our team of Software experts support projects and product developments from planning and strategy definition up to software validation, approval, and certification.

We help our clients by providing technical support in software engineering and management, performing software assurance activities and offering a large range of training courses. We work very closely with our clients to make sure they achieve objectives and targets and that their processes and evidence meet the necessary Standards and Regulations.

Not only can we support the technical side of software projects, but we also offer SW Independent Services like Independent SW Incident Investigations, Root Cause and Gap Analysis, Audits and Independent Software Assessment.

Ebeni offers a variety of Software services via our highly skilled personnel.